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While the state does not require licensing or certification at this point for sober living homes, recent moves in the Minnesota legislature indicate that this is likely to change in the near future. Please use the options below to filter the list of recovery residences. You can print your filtered selection (or the entire list) by clicking the Print button below. We are active from the local to the state level, continuously advocating for the rights of sober home residents and operators. MASH works as Minnesota’s affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences, or NARR, which provides specific standards of its members.

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As they reach complete independence, they can leave the sober living homes and move into their own homes. Residents who relapse in this phase move back into the restrictive or abstinence phase. Many patients leave treatment facilities with no employment waiting for them when they return. mash certified sober homes Some residents of Minnesota sober living homes may experience depression and eventually relapse if they stay there for an extended period without finding employment. Consequently, gaining employment is a good way of maintaining sobriety while living in sober living homes.


There are few restrictions when it comes to living in a sober house. Most importantly, those who choose to reside there must be willing to make a commitment to sobriety and to staying clean. Some sober houses are gender specific meaning that only men or only women may reside in the home but this is not always the case. Curtiss said about a quarter of MASH-certified sober homes prefer to prohibit certain addictive, mood-altering drugs because patients have a history of “doctor shopping” to get hold of drugs that feed their addiction. The bill would establish a DHS certification program mandatory for sober homes receiving any federal, state or local funding. MASH advocates for the state to instead support their existing certification process instead of trying to start over.

  • Minnesota sober living homes are transitional residences for people in recovery.
  • Jen Sather, director of the DHS’ substance use disorder services, said the study is going through final approvals and will be published after those are met.
  • Our mission and our passion is to provide ideal environments in which recovery can happen and thrive.

A weekly schedule details recovery support services, events and activities. Staff and/or resident leaders educate residents about local community-based resources. Evidence that residents increase recovery capital through such things as recovery support and community service, work/employment, etc. Job descriptions require staff to facilitate access to local community-based resources. Peer support interactions among residents are facilitated to expand responsibilities for personal and community recovery.

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Residents at Minnesota sober living homes usually have some free time at the end of their daily activities. To maintain sobriety, tenants of these homes can develop new hobbies, as boredom and idleness can lead some residents back to substance abuse. They can learn to exercise, read, paint, write, and do yoga, among other things. When a resident moves into a sober house, they are required to make a commitment to stay sober, abstaining from drug or alcohol use for the entire duration of time that they live in the residence. Sober living is not for everyone so it’s important to make sure that when you enter a sober house you are ready to remain clean and sober. If you haven’t already completed at least some treatment for addiction or if you haven’t made your way through detox, it’s a good idea to do that first.

Minnesota sober living houses have varying requirements for their prospective tenants. Some stipulate a minimum and maximum period of stay for every resident, but others allow tenants to stay for as long as they need. Hence, ensure that the chosen home permits you to be a resident for as long as your recovery requires. This phase of the residents’ recovery process allows them to gradually test all the coping skills learned in therapy in the real world.


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