List of Private Banks in India 2024

The core of the IBPS PO salary structure is the ₹36,000 monthly basic salary, serving as the benchmark for their overall remuneration. This foundational element ensures a stable and competitive starting point for individuals entering the banking profession. This course serves as a valuable resource for those aspiring to excel in the competitive realm of IBPS PO positions.

  1. The likelihood-ratio test, Wald test, and score log-rank statistics are the three methods to check the significance of the survival model.
  2. Initially, IDFC was established in 1997for financing infrastructure, and their prime focus was on project finance and mobilization of Capital for the development of private-sector infrastructure.
  3. It holds the financial conditions of various social classes of the country.
  4. It is undoubtedly the largest bank in the country in terms of the assets it holds.
  5. Founded in 1938, this bank is a key financial service provider in the state.

Successful qualification in JAIIB and CAIIB opens avenues for increments and promotions, aligning your career trajectory with the evolving demands of the banking sector. We empower professionals in finance and the financial services industry to make informed decisions for their careers and companies. They excel in various financial services such as internet banking, mobile banking, tab banking, loans, fixed deposits, online bill payment, and much more. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank has opened 509 branches, 12 regional offices, 11 extension counters, and ATMs across the country.

The difference between both is noticeable from the total assets (236,517 million against 1,768,470 million), equity (19,007 million against 114,769), and loans (172,875 million against 1,149,979 million). In columns V and VI of Table 5, the comparison is made between surviving and failed banks. In terms of size and turnover, the failed banks are significantly smaller than the surviving banks. The equity and net income for failed banks are 15,946 and 2066, while for surviving banks, the equity and net income are 95,788 and 1,435,595, respectively. IxamBee provides a strategic and effective approach to competitive exams and offers various online courses, free mock tests, previous year papers, and expert guidance.


The bank has emerged as a critical player in retail banking, wholesale banking, & treasury operations, its three principal business segments. During the early days of the East India Company, the agency houses majorly took up banking services. It was only in the 1700s that modern banking in the form of joint-stock companies operated.

Development Banks

Karnataka Bank provides a comprehensive range of customized products and services that are perfect for trade, market, business, and personal use. Some of the significant services they offer are borrowing hierarchy in private banks in india facilities, offering maximum returns on surplus funds, deposits, or helping with overseas transactions. It is again a very popular bank that is a must in the list of private banks in India 2024.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

De Haan and Poghosyan (2012), based on banks in the United States from 1995 to 2010 found that a bank’s size typically reduces volatility with a nonlinear effect. In other words, when a bank’s size exceeds a particular threshold, it is positively related to earnings volatility. Laeven, Ratnovski, and Tong (2014), based on data from 52 countries, found that larger banks, on average, create more risks than smaller banks.

2 Survivor Function Estimates (Conditional)

HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading private sector banks, providing a wide range of financial products & services across hundreds of Indian cities. They operate on the principle of “socially empowering banking” and yearn to deliver excellent financial services for small and medium enterprises plus for retail customers as well. It is a full-service universal bank that offers a huge range of financial services to its customers. Some of the major services that they offer are deposits, loans, payment services, and investment solutions.

Importantly, in a country like India, PSBs capture 70% of the banking assets compared to private banks, which comprise only 25% of banking assets as of 2018 (Table 1). Considering the percentage of assets represented by public and private sector banks, this study only focuses on these banks. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)[1] has put 11 banks under prompt corrective action (PCA) out of 27 public sector banks (PSBs). Notably, Indian PSBs constitute 68.9% of the total assets of the Indian banking industry as a whole, based on figures obtained from 2018.


It is known to be the first Kerala bank to execute the core banking system. They have a good market reputation because of their transparency in operations. Moreover, the financial position of failed banks is significantly worse when compared to the surviving banks (−0.01 against 0.06). Hence, the critical conditions for the failed banks show up in their accounting information.

The banking system in India dates back to earlier times of civilization. Banking is a traditional ancient business in India, with its references found in the Manu writings. However, the banking activities came into effect after the first decade of the 20th century.

Several companies have opted for the sessions provided by our experts, and they have unlocked more significant benefits that were beyond their imagination. You may be doing great online, but it’s always better to learn more about things better. Learning experiences provided by us are enjoyable and beneficial at the same time. Formerly known as Kumbakonam Bank Limited, this Indian bank was established in 1904 by three prominent figures – R. This bank in India is one of the most customer-focused and service-driven banks that cater to the employment needs of more than Indians. It acquired different banks, including ITC Classic Finance, Bank of Madura, Bank of Rajasthan, Sangli Bank, Grindlays Bank branches in Darjeeling and Shimla, Anagram Finance, Investitsionno-Kreditny Bank, and SCICI.

The headquarter of this Bank is in Thrissur, Kerela, and the Bank was established back in 1929 during the Swadeshi movement. It is one of the oldest private banks and is the first Kerela-based Bank to implement Core Banking System. When you make the list of private banks in India, the name of IDFC First Bank should be included without a miss. The reason why its customer base is increasing is because of its range of exquisite banking products.

Tailored study resources for various banking and government exams ensure comprehensive preparation. The user-friendly interface and personalized learning plans make ixamBee an ideal choice for candidates seeking to enhance their skills and boost success in exams. The platform’s commitment to quality content and innovative learning tools fosters a conducive environment for aspirants to excel in their exam preparations and confidently face the challenges of competitive assessments.

Beyond the financial sector’s conventional appeal, the position embodies substantial respect and dignity, adding to its allure. As professionals set out to realize their dreams of a stable and fulfilling career, the Bank PO role emerges as a beacon of opportunity, promising financial stability and a trajectory of professional growth and societal regard. Yes, Bank offers a wide range of products and services such as investment banking, corporate finance, branch banking, etc., to retail customers, MSME, and corporate. They have a pan-India presence in 28 states & 9 union territories, plus a representative office in Abu Dhabi and an IBU and GIFT city too.

The initial two years are designated as a probationary period, during which you undergo intensive training and evaluation. Upon successful completion, you attain permanent status in the job, marking a significant milestone in your professional trajectory. This blog essentially empowers readers with a holistic understanding of the multifaceted dimensions that define a Bank PO’s career journey. Your role may vary based on the job function or department you’ll be appointed, such as Operations, Finance and business development, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, etc.

The private shareholders of BFSL are International Finance Corporation, IFC FIG Investment Company, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), and Caladium Investment Pvt. The good part about this Bank is that they are a very customer-centric and service-driven Bank, and these two qualities would help them become one of the largest banks in India very soon. The reason for their quick growth was because they used the latest technology, used new monetary tools, and provided contemporary innovations. We also have e-books for business leaders to unlock the full potential of the world of the internet. Discover what you can do for your business by spending half of what you are doing now.

Induslnd bank offers great services to its customers and ensures that all its clients are completely satisfied. Kotak Mahindra Bank has more than 1500 bank branches and 2352 ATMs that cover over 744 locations. They give diverse services such as personal finance, investment banking, wealth management, general insurance, life insurance, etc. The international offices usually focus more on other services that they offer in India, such as corporate lending, syndication, trade finance, investment banking, and liability businesses. It is said to be one of the biggest private banks in India in terms of complete assets and market capitalization. It is the first Bank that got ‘in-principle permission from RBI to establish a bank in the private sector as a division of RBI’s liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994.


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