Dental Bookkeeping 101: Bookkeeping Guide and Tips for Dental Practices

It gives you a clear view of the financial state of the business and can be used to make your business run more efficiently. Whether you’re doing it yourself or delegating it to your office manager there are a few helpful tactics you can use to simplify the process. For those who currently have zero bookkeeping Dental Bookkeeping Basics for Growing Practices support, contracting has the benefit of allowing them to slowly assess their needs. A practice can begin by contracting a bookkeeper for only a handful of hours per week. If the work is adequate, and the practice sees there’s more slack to be picked up, it can expand the contract to more hours.

Our checklist tells our staff accountants to record transactions to the current date (the date they are working on the client). We download and organize all month-end bookkeeping related documents for our dental practices into Dropbox folders for each client. We chose Dropbox because it’s HIPAA safe and easy for clients and their CPA’s to access so you will see me referring to Dropbox. For example, one important rule in our bookkeeping process, (but so rarely followed by almost every practice that comes to us) is each and every transaction in QuickBooks needs a vendor name.

Tips For Dental Bookkeeping

Understanding taxation essentials is crucial to ensure compliance with tax laws and optimize financial performance. In this section, we will provide an overview of taxation essentials for small dental practices. It includes keeping track of your expenses, revenues, and other financial transactions. By keeping accurate records, you’ll have a clear picture of your practice’s financial health and can make informed decisions about your practice’s future.

  • Another important aspect of bookkeeping for dental practices is tax compliance.
  • A good thing to note is that you can always go and add more accounts to your chart of accounts so if you forgot something you can always add it later.
  • If you expense all of this equipment when you purchase it, you are misstating your expenses.

While your focus is on your patients, your practice isultimately a business. Ignoring or underserving the financial aspect of that business is a surefire way to compromise patient care. So, while discussing things such as revenue, margins, and reconciliation might leave a bad taste in your mouth, doing so is absolutely necessary to keep your patients’ mouths healthy. All businesses need to know how they make money and where the money is spent.

Accounting and Bookkeeping 101 for Dental Practices!

The accounting functions of a business are often difficult to manage and can take up valuable resources. With that being said, most dental practices do not require a full-time, in-house bookkeeper to keep their finances in order. Yet, many dental practices still have someone tucked in a back office, twirling pencils for six hours a day and actually working for two. Rather than pay eight hours of wages for two hours of work, these practices will now pay for precisely the amount of work they need and receive.

Dental Bookkeeping Basics for Growing Practices

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure full accounting compliance and ease your administrative burden. Accounting has become more streamlined and organized with the accounting softwares that are there to make the job easier. Save time and gain efficiency by having the right balance of a modern accounting software and a bookkeeping team that knows the industry accounting needs of your business.

Keep Track Of Your Facility and Equipment Costs

Successful businesses know exactly where it goes and to whom for cost-effective evaluations. QuickBooks Premier is for advanced users, such as your accountant, and QuickBooks Healthcare Edition is no longer available for retail purchase. Using the proper accounting software provides critical insights to the health of your practice.

Dental Bookkeeping Basics for Growing Practices

Ingenious dental practice payroll tools that save dentists time and money. And the QuickBooks Online reconcile feature will walk you through reconciling any account on your balance sheet. It also leaves you and your CPA historical reconciliation reports which CPA’s depend on for their review work.

Essential Accounting Tips for Dental Practices

A standard COA doesn’t provide the same level of usefulness that a dental industry COA would have for your practice. Credits (income coming in) and debits (money going out) are recorded in a general ledger. By recording the transactions, dental practice owners can track where their money is going and how much they earn.

  • Effective bookkeeping can help you make informed business decisions and ensure your practice is financially stable.
  • By tracking expenses, dental practices can monitor their spending and identify areas where they can save money.
  • By recording the transactions, dental practice owners can track where their money is going and how much they earn.
  • These are important distinctions that might be overlooked when using a standard COA as opposed to a dental industry COA.

One of the biggest and most important of those responsibilities is bookkeeping. Just like other small businesses, your dental practice cannot afford a costly audit, undetected embezzlement, or just plain old inefficiency. Rather than consider it a matter of your bottom line, consider your bottom line to be the dental health of your patients. A shuttered office can’t fill a cavity, set a crown, or perform a root canal.

It allows you to keep track of financial information, make informed decisions based on financial reports, and protect yourself against fraudulent financial activity, including tax delinquencies. You need to monitor these fluctuations to understand if your practice has sufficient cash to pay for all of its expenses. Monitoring your cash flow can identify potential shortages ahead of time so you can deal with these situations proactively. A program like Dext Prepare will allow you to capture your invoices and receipts by taking a snapshot of them with your smartphone.

Dental Bookkeeping Basics for Growing Practices


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