13 Best Progressive Web App PWA Examples in 2023

As of right now, a PWA we built for one of our clients – an AI helping people meet their mental health goals – is unable to send notifications to its iOS users. Without a central one-stop-shop like native apps have in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, PWAs live and die by their ability to be found by people searching on the web. Note that 2022 will mark the point when more and more PWAs become available in Google Play (not App Store, though).

It’s also due to this reason that frontend beginners might find it a more familiar time to learn and develop PWA in Vue, consequently making the learning curve of Vue more forgiving for newcomers. By 2019, PWAs were supported by desktop versions of most browsers, including Microsoft Edge[5] (on Windows) and Google Chrome[19] (on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux). Now that you’ve finished developing your app, it’s time to put it to the test.

How to Create a Progressive Web App with React

Introducing a PWA was the perfect solution to deliver an app-like user experience without consuming large data bandwidth. From coffee shops to cosmetics, here are some of the best progressive web apps in the retail space. If we were to make the apps natively for iOS, iPad OS, and Android, the development process would be at least 5 months, and the app wouldn’t be available on the desktop.

To address this question, let’s have a look at the future of web apps, study the main web app trends, assess the PWA pros and cons, and identify the role of PWA in the app development industry. Available as a lightweight, performance-oriented alternative to React, Preact is a framework ideal for PWA development as it’s light, fast, and should fill pwa trends 2022 most of your needs. Progressive web applications are simple to produce and distribute with the support of a PWA app development firm. If you haven’t already, make sure you install it to get the most out of React native app development. The brand behind these progressive web app examples invested in their mobile UX, and reaped the benefits.

Is Progressive Web App the Future of App Development Industry?

Every major platform including iOS, Mac, Android, and PC now offers some level of PWA support. Android provides the best support, with iOS and Mac being the most limited. Apple’s strict control over the apps available on its platform is the biggest hindrance to PWA’s adoption on iOS. These are just https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ web apps that are wrapped in a native container, which has access to various platform APIs through a set of native plugins. Despite the huge list of available plugins, you might need something custom and will have to implement it on your own, again with the help of Android and iOS developers.

PWA Applications in 2022

Looking at the Lighthouse data on mobile sites we see similar stats, but the mobile-only content-width meta tag shows here and is pleasingly passed by both. The top categories for both websites and PWAs remain the same, yet each is slightly different. This does not indicate completeness or minimum availability of certain fields that would contribute to the installation of the web app.


However, it soon realized that its old native app required longer time to load, especially when the trending content involved a lot of videos. The goal is to offer weekend-only travel itineraries for users so they can hop on a plane and experience a two-day retreat based on the system’s recommendation. The ride-hailing company placed its Window 10 app behind the scenes in 2018 in favour of the PWA that was first launched in July 2019. The PWA has been added by more than half a million users from 55 countries to their home screens that resulted in an increase of 150% in engagement and 97% in click-outs to hotel deals based on Google’s report. Another leader in the online booking industry is Treebo, a hotel reservations platform. Offering accommodation choices in more than 165 cities in India, users can compare choices for the best deals.

PWA Applications in 2022

Ultimately, these apps empower business owners to expand their businesses and reach out to a broader target audience. Besides, learn the basics of how progressive web app development can serve your purposes. This is the way to figure out how you can combine progressive web apps trend and the growth of your business. This metadata is crucial for an app to be added to a home screen or otherwise listed alongside native apps. But what if you want to create a progressive web app that can be used offline?

The (Maybe) Bad: A Web-Based Experience

With OpenRent’s PWA, tenants and landlords can conveniently search for the right fit when it comes to available properties. Rentio’s PWA (in Japanese or English) offers easy-to-navigate interface, fast search results, plenty of categories and fast response time. Users place an order online and wait for the item to be shipped on the same day.

  • The brand decided to develop a progressive web application believing user engagement would rise if the platform worked under minimal data usage.
  • It also contributes to minimising the search marketing effort for the hotel owners.
  • Examples of such unsupported features are Web Bluetooth, Web MIDI API, Magnetometer API, Web NFC API among others.
  • This is the way to figure out how you can combine progressive web apps trend and the growth of your business.

They’re developed with lightweight web technologies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as speed is essential for conversions. Native-like, easy to implement, quick, and secure – PWAs are gaining a foothold in the modern app development industry. Thanks to the abundance of features, light weight, and universality in use, PWAs have become game-changers in the software development sector.


The users of Trivago access them through mobiles than on desktop computers. So, once they set their sights on mobile, they searched for the best mobile technology available to reach the maximum users. So, they first decide to focus on developing the web and mobile app with a good design and user-friendly functionality.

PWA Applications in 2022

But, later, Alibaba realised that these are not the perfect tools for customer’s continuous engagement. With this global customer base, they need a most compelling bridge that helps connect their users with them. Also, they wanted to deliver a great user experience for their first-time visitors and returning visitors. With over 320 million monthly users globally, Twitter is a mainstream platform that helps users find out what’s happening around the world.

The current state of progressive web applications

A service worker acts as a proxy server that sits between the web app, the browser and the network. If this is successful, the service worker is executed in a special worker container that runs off the main thread and has no DOM access. These two concepts were enabled after installing a PWA, a process that generally began by tapping on an “ambient badge” that would appear on the browser’s URL bar. Mobile browsers such as Samsung Internet and Mozilla Firefox, were among the first ones to explicitly support this behavior, commonly known as “Add to home screen” (A2HS). In general, Apple does not allow the distribution of PWAs in the App Store because 1) PWAs have limited functionality on the iOS platform and 2) PWAs do not meet Apple’s guidelines in terms of user experience.


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