Online Board Meetings Benefits

Online Board Meetings Benefits

Teleconference meetings are becoming more common as many companies make the transition to working from home permanently following the pandemic. While the ease of virtual meetings is an obvious benefit, there are few issues to be considered before making the change.

Participation is less than usual: Some attendees may be intimidated by a remote meeting at first because they aren’t used to interacting via online communications. This can result in a reduced participation in the meeting. This could hinder the progress of the board and hinder its agenda.

It can also be difficult to read body language and facial expressions in a virtual conversation and can lead to misunderstandings. Eye contact is not always present. can make directors feel uncomfortable talking up and turn into my blog passive listeners, which is not ideal for the boardroom.

Utilizing the board portal could aid in addressing these issues. For example, a board management tool with an encrypted video conference feature makes it simple to record meetings and save important documents in one place. Directors can access their documents and minutes from any device at any time.

It is also a great idea to make sure the room is spotless and free of distractions. For instance the meeting should not be held during meal times and all attendees should turn off their phones when they are not speaking to prevent background noise. The chair should be able to look over all attendees and encourage participants to only use their microphones only when they are needed.


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